Defending Drug or Controlled Substance Manufacturing Charges and Offenses in Florida:

Florida does not hesitate to be aggressive when charging violators with drug possession or sale/intent to deliver and when it comes to manufacturing drugs, the penalties are even more severe.

Typical cases involve the manufacture of marijuana with a grow house, operating a meth lab, and cultivation of cocaine or heroin.

Possession of chemicals used in manufacturing narcotics also results in serious charges.

Manufacturing is defined as the production, preparation, packaging, labeling or re-labeling, propagation, compounding, cultivating, growing, conversion or processing of a controlled substance, either directly or indirectly

Why should I choose Fernandez Law Group to represent me if I am charged with the manufacture of a controlled substance?

At the Fernandez Law Group, we have more than 43 years experience handling many different types of cases involving possession, sale and manufacture of controlled substances. We provide you with a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys to aggressively represent and provide you with the best possible defense.

Fernandez Law Group Tampa Attorneys and AssociatesDrug manufacture charges are very serious in Florida and they typically come with mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines.

As with sale and possession, the type of drug and the amount will be a factor in the length of sentencing and amount of fines. However, these sentences can range from 3 years to life in prison.

When you come to Fernandez Law Group, you'll gain an instant advantage in your case as we provide you with a team of attorneys working on your defense.

We can help you understand the crime you've been charged with along with any and all possible defenses or options available to you.

Not only that, our team of attorneys includes a former prosecutor who has over 20 years experience working on that side of the courtroom. Because of that insight we are able to better communicate with the prosecution on your behalf, often reducing charges, bail amounts, and sentencing before a trial date is even discussed.

Our attorneys are ready to fight aggressively on your behalf and help you get the best possible outcome and with our FREE consultation, you can begin getting the advice and guidance you need right away.

What factors can lead to a conviction for manufacture of controlled substances?

A person who manufactures a controlled substance in the State of Florida without authorization, or outside of a government approved, regulated and controlled clinical testing, educational or laboratory environment is committing a criminal offense. Packaging and re-packaging of a controlled substance is also considered manufacturing.

Furthermore, the manufacture of a counterfeit or simulated (fake) replacement substance in place of the real substance and the manufacture of drug paraphernalia are also considered criminal offenses.

The prosecution is going to need to prove that the defendant was involved in the act of manufacturing a controlled substance or if the defendant had an interest in the location where the manufacturing occurred.

The prosecution will have to prove additional facts and circumstances in order to show a defendant was connected to the manufacturing that occurred in situations where the premises of the defendant is occupied by others in the form of a rental or lease agreement.

In other words, the prosecution will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the criminal suspect possessed a controlled substance with the intent to grow, harvest, or manufacture it.

Free ConsultationIf you have been convicted for the manufacture of a controlled substance in Florida, you should contact an experienced drug violation defense attorney immediately. These charges come with serious penalties and the consequences can last for a lifetime.

Take advantage of our FREE consultation so you can begin understanding the severity of the charges you are facing. Learn what penalties may be applied, whether or not certain evidence is inadmissible, if entrapment occurred, and some defense strategies along with potential outcomes. You'll be confident in your decision to call us once you speak with us.

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