Defending Drug Violation Charges and Offenses in Florida:

If you've been charged or a loved one's been charged with a narcotics offense, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance of any kind, you know you're facing some serious problems.

It could involve the loss of your license, the loss of your property, the loss of your freedom.

At the Fernandez Law Group, we have more than 43 years experience handling criminal cases of this kind.

Our team of attorneys features a former prosecutor for over 20 years who once handed these same cases from the prosecution side. Jeff Quisenberry has since then become a defense attorney, working these cases with Frank Fernandez, who has over 18 years experience handling these cases.

What you need to know is it's important to get to the prosecutor before the case gets to court. That's where we come in. The two of us work on each case together. You have two attorneys on each case working for you - aggressively, competently, and comprehensively.

We find out which witnesses are important. We find out about you. We ask you questions about you are and that may provide defenses to the charge. There may be issues such as a bad search, issues involving a prescription. These are all things we've experienced and encountered 100's of times.

Don't be intimidated, come in and talk to us. The consultation is free. We can help you.

Why choose Fernandez Law Group to help you defend against your drug charges?

Fernandez Law Group Attorneys and AssociatesWhen you come to Fernandez Law Group, you'll gain an instant advantage in your case as we provide you with a team of attorneys working on your defense. Additionally, our attorneys make up fewer than 10% of all Florida attorneys who are experienced and qualified to practice in federal courts.

Not only that, our team of attorneys includes a former prosecutor who has over 20 years experience working on that side of the courtroom. Because of that insight we are able to better communicate with the prosecution on your behalf, often reducing charges, bail amounts, and sentencing before a trial date is even discussed - and in some cases, trial may not even be necessary.

When you have a former prosecutor on your side, along with additional attorneys, and they're fewer than 10% in Florida who are qualified for federal practice, you are getting very solid representation that shows the prosecution you mean business.

Let us show you why we've continued to grow and gain the reputation we've achieved over the years.

Additional factors to consider when choosing your Drug Violation Defense Attorney:

Law BooksIf you are looking for effective representation to defend against a criminal investigation or prosecution, your attorney is going to need an extensive knowledge of criminal statutes and rules, along with experience in dealing with the offices and agencies that are enforcing those laws.

The attorneys here at Fernandez Law Group have over 50 years combined legal experience in and out of the courtroom. This experience has given us an advantage as well as a strong ability to properly advocate for our clients which allows us to obtain even better results.

With a former prosecutor on our team who is now a lead defense attorney, we have even managed to negotiate issue resolutions and in many instances, we've even been able to convince the prosecuting agency to not file charges. This is why it is important you act as quickly as possible, the moment you're faced with any kind of charges. The quicker you talk to your attorney, the quicker they can help you.

When you come to Fernandez Law Group for your criminal defense, you get several advantages over many other law firms.

1.) You will be working with a team of attorneys, not just one attorney.

2.) Our attorneys are experienced and qualified to practice in state or federal courts.

3.) Our team of attorneys includes a former prosecutor with over 20 years experience for an added edge as we know how to work with the prosecution to achieve the best possible results for you.

Hillsborough County Courthouse, Tampa FloridaDrug Violation Defense Attorneys play an important part in ensuring the criminal justice system remains fair and just for those they represent.

We are here to make sure your rights remain protected.

At Fernandez Law Group, our Drug Violation Defense Attorneys have plenty of trial experience in and out of State and federal courts.

And because of our background, history, and reputation, we are able to work effectively with prosecutors and judges to provide you the best defense possible.

Call or Text us today at 813-489-3222 for a FREE consultation and case evaluation.

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