Collaborative Divorce in Tampa and how it may provide amicable divorce solutions:

Family Law AttorneyMany people assume that a divorce will be an acrimonious and expensive process, when in actuality, amicable and cost-effective divorce solutions do exist.

With collaborative divorce, it is entirely possible for both parties to remain on friendly terms, and while doing so, it makes it possible to save money and eliminate stress during the marriage dissolution.

Obtaining a stress-free and amicable divorce is the most beneficial way to ensure a peaceful transition and the best arrangements for the well-being and care of any children involved.

Imagine the benefits for co-parenting and caring for children together. To ensure your marital dissolution is as stress-free as possible, consulting with an experienced Tampa family law attorney will enable you to explore alternatives to litigated divorce proceedings which will keep the transition as smooth as possible for all parties and children involved.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

When meeting with a Tampa divorce attorney, we recommend discussing ways to achieve an amicable divorce and this is usually achieved by using a collaborative divorce process. When you and your spouse, along with your respective attorneys work together in an effort to resolve the most important issues in your divorce case, this is known as collaborative divorce.

Every aspect of the divorce process and the division of assets, time-sharing with children and support matters are able to be decided and agreed upon through the collaborative divorce process.

In order to determine possible terms of the dissolution, both parties will be required to share their feelings, input and opinions as to what they feel are the most important issues to consider. Both sides are also expected to listen to one another with an open mind and work together in an effort to try and reach an agreement that satisfies the needs of each spouse's desires and goals to the highest possible extent.

A family law attorney can assist with a collaborative divorce process by helping to facilitate peaceful and reasonable communications while guiding both parties through the entire marriage dissolution process, similar to how a mediation attorney works. At Fernandez Law Group, our Tampa Family Law Attorneys are experienced in collaborative divorce dissolutions and can help you save money by helping you dissolve your marriage without the need for a collaborative divorce coach.

This approach is also at times less expensive than a typical litigated divorce because issues are able to be decided by both sides without the need of litigation in court. The more both sides are able to agree to ahead of time, the less involvement an attorney will need to help finalize the terms and conditions.

In some extreme cases, a collaborative divorce coach may be needed in order to assist both sides through the process if reaching agreement in an amicable fashion just doesn't seem possible. And even in these situations with a coach and attorney on board to represent your interests, you still have the possibility of saving some money versus a litigated divorce.

Understanding your rights in collaborative divorce situations in Florida:

Anytime you are facing charges or any kind of court required appearance, it is strongly recommended you consult with an attorney in order to be properly educated and informed of your rights in all legal situations, and the same is true with collaborative divorce.

Your attorney will ensure that your rights are preserved as required by Florida law and will also help you decipher the divorce laws in a way that will protect your well being and interests. Even if your partner is willing to be peaceful, you still have to protect yourself against their attorney.

Another benefit of consulting with a divorce attorney is that they will be able to give you a very good idea of what you can reasonably expect throughout the dissolution process in every facet such as support, custody and division of assets. Having this information also assists both sides in reaching their opinions as to what they feel the terms of any proposed settlements should be.

Obtaining the collaborative divorce court order:

After both parties have reached an agreement, the court will need to confirm the agreement in order to make it legal. This will require a hearing, and during that hearing, the dissolution of marriage will occur. If done in a collaborative way, court costs, stress, and fighting can be kept to a minimum.

For more information on Florida divorce laws or for an experienced Tampa divorce attorney you can depend on, we hope you provide us with the opportunity to bring you aggressive representation and solid results.

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