General Information about Personal Injury and Compensation:

It is difficult to determine whether or not you have suffered from a personal injury unless you have some kind of an idea what personal injury is about. Whether you've suffered directly from a personal injury or you're seeking information or acting on behalf of another individual, understanding the different types of personal injury and your options for remedy and potential compensation will help you better prepare for or defend against a potential lawsuit.

injury victimPersonal injury can occur in a number of different ways but typically involves either psychological or physical injury, illness or disease. In order for it to be personal injury, these injuries typically occur as a direct result of another individual, business or entity acting in a negligent or irresponsible manner. Property damages, monetary losses, negative health, and even death can occur in worst cases.

Many circumstances lead to personal injury. Medical malpractice can result in disabilities and ailments. Auto accidents and defective products can cause injury, illness or death. Many crimes result in psychological and physical damages.

There are certain things one must consider if you know someone or are suffering yourself from personal injury. One of the first steps to take would be to file a complaint against the organization, entity or person directly responsible for the injuries incurred. Having a personal injury attorney involved in your case will help you get proper compensation and ensure your rights are being preserved and protected.

There are 2 main types of compensation that someone may receive if they have been injured due to the negligence of others. Compensation for pain and suffering, loss of wages and future earnings typically fall under general damages. There also may be a claim for special damages which include medical expenses, hospital bills, travel costs, loss of property & belongings etc.

At Fernandez Law Group, you are choosing experienced personal injury lawyers with an in-depth understanding of exactly how to get you the compensation you deserve. If you have experienced loss due to a serious injury in the State of Florida, contact Fernandez Law Group to speak with one of our knowledgeable attorneys today.

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