How Social Media posts can hurt your Personal Injury Case:

If you are ever involved in an accident or any type of situation that results in a personal injury, social media posts including photos or details of the accident scene could cause you to lose the compensation that you deserve, even if you were not at-fault.

Facebook Post Results in Loss of $80,000 Settlement:

A former headmaster of a school in Miami sued his employer for age discrimination, resulting in an $80,000 settlement. The settlement included a confidentiality clause. The headmaster breached the confidentiality clause by telling his daughter, however, what really did the damage was when his daughter posted that her parents won the case and the school would be officially paying for her summer vacation in Europe. Once the information was discovered online, lawyers were able to prove not only a breach in confidentiality, but that students of the school were also able to view the damaging post. The headmaster ended up losing the entire $80,000 settlement.


• Any information posted anywhere on the Internet, whether privacy settings are used or not, can still be seen, shared, or used in many situations.

• It is difficult to determine who is watching, sharing or reporting the information that has been posted online.

• Information and images have the potential to go public, even when privacy settings are enabled.

• While many people can agree to remain silent without an attorney or not admit fault, some still feel the need to talk about their cases online.

• The risk of sharing an unintended disclosure that could harm your case is too significant to ignore.

• It is strongly recommended they refrain from posting any information or images related to the case that they would not be willing to hand over to the attorney for the other party. Anyone who has suffered an injury or any other severe or disabling injury should immediately contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.

The complex issues involved in personal injury claims are another strong reason why anyone involved in any type of accident involving an injury should immediately contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away.

We put multiple attorneys on your case in order to give it the extra attention it deserves.

Having an experienced attorney can help victims negotiate better settlements for injured victims going up against insurance companies.

At Fernandez Law Group, you are choosing a Tampa personal injury lawyer with an in-depth understanding of exactly how to get you the compensation you deserve. If you have experienced loss due to a serious Florida injury, contact Fernandez Law Group to speak with a knowledgeable Tampa personal injury attorney today.

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