Defending Charges and Violations for Prostitution and Solicitation of a Prostitute in Florida:

Prostitution is considered another very serious crime in Florida and the courts can be very unforgiving to those practicing in prostitution as well as those who have been charged with the solicitation of a prostitute.

Florida law can be a bit complex making it difficult to determine specific penalties. Prior convictions will bring harsher sentencing.

First time offenses can result in a period of incarceration for up to sixty (60) days.

In Florida, prostitution is defined as the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity in exchange for currency or something of value. We typically find people receive charges for prostitution after being busted by undercover cops who are posing as customers.

Solicitation occurs when someone is asked or directed to exchange money for sexual activity. These types of charges often arise as a result of police "reverse sting" operations, where a female officer will disguise herself as a prostitute in order to lure victims into committing solicitation of sex.

prostitutionIt is important to remember that the actual exchange of money is not required in order for someone to be charged with solicitation of prostitution here in Florida.

In fact, without even having any physical evidence, it is possible for someone to be convicted for solicitation based on their statements alone.

Also keep in mind that authorities are constantly monitoring websites such as Craigslist and Adult Friend Finder in search of prostitution.

As part of the crackdown on prostitution Tampa, Hillsborough County officials have prohibited frequent offenders from being in certain areas known as hot spots for this type of activity. One former site exists along Nebraska Avenue and is now a 6-mile long prostitution exclusion zone.

Why should I choose Fernandez Law Group if I am charged with prostitution or solicitation of a prostitute?

If you someone you know is facing charges for prostitution or solicitation of a prostitute, the consequences can be very serious if there is a conviction. A highly skilled criminal defense attorney can help defend you against these types of charges, but many lack experience in dealing with these specific crimes. There are also very few Florida criminal defense attorneys who also have experience as former prosecutors and are also qualified to practice in federal courts.

reviewing paperworkAt Fernandez Law Group, our team of attorneys works diligently at scrutinizing over every single last detail in your case in order to find any flaws or errors in the police procedure. These errors can lead to reduction in charges, fines, and sentencing. In some cases, we've even had cases that were completely dismissed. We will pay very close attention to your case and review it with you on a continual basis.

It is important to remember that the prosecution is rarely going to offer you their best deal up front. And the consequences that result in convictions for sex crimes can lead to complications and hardships down the road. Our attorneys know what it takes to fight these charges and have successfully put the prosecution in a position where they have reduced charges from sex crimes to disorderly conduct or even simple trespass.

Tampa Attorney Frank FernandezFrank Fernandez, founder of Fernandez Law Group, has over 18 years experience handling criminal defense involving prostitution and charges for the solicitation of a prostitute. Frank works these cases along with Jeff Quisenberry.

Jeff was a former prosecutor for over 20 years who once handed these same cases from the prosecution side. He has since then become a criminal defense attorney. Together, Frank Fernandez and Jeff Quisenberry provide a very serious and effective defense team for the price of a sole practitioner.

We move quickly and efficiently, getting to the prosecutor long before the case gets to court. We work aggressively, competently, and comprehensively in order to provide you with the best possible outcome for your situation. We take pride in the many successes we've had over the years with prostitution and cases involving the solicitation of a prostitute. We encourage you to act fast and take advantage of our FREE consultation so we can begin fighting for your rights immediately.

We understand how difficult it can be when faced with these types of charges.

Anyone who is charged with prostitution or solicitation of a prostitute will be facing severe consequences. And for first-time offenders who aren't familiar with how intolerant Florida courts tend to be when it comes to these types of charges, it can be a very unpleasant and frightening experience.

Fernandez Law Group Attorneys and AssociatesOur team of attorneys understands the difficult situations many families face when someone is facing serious charges. We are here for you, working on your side every step of the way. We're not here to judge you or your actions.

With your freedom and reputation on the line, there is no time to waste and you can't take a chance on any corners being cut in your defense.

We are here to represent you and your best interests and provide you with the best possible outcome regardless of the severity of the charges.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in the United States, and the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor. With our representation, we can use our former prosecutorial experience to find every possible weakness in the case that we can use in your defense in order to give you the best possible advantage. We carefully review all evidence in order to find the best possible defense that will give you the highest chances for success in court.

Prostitution ArrestAnd once the case goes to court, our trial experience has given us the insight and skills needed to carefully cross-examine law enforcement and other key witnesses to break their testimony apart. We have no problem challenging witness testimony whenever appropriate or possible.

If you've been charged with any type of prostitution or a violation for the solicitation of a prostitute, you need to act immediately in order to preserve every possible opportunity for a stronger defense. Take advantage of our FREE consultation so you can gain a better understanding of what charges you're facing and the potential consequences, and we can begin helping you right away.

What are some common penalties for prostitution and violations for the solicitation of a prostitute in Florida?

Sentences for prostitution or solicitation can result in jail time, large fines, probation, community service, and mandatory counseling programs. Additionally, the driving privileges of an offender may be suspended or revoked.

While a first time offense is considered a second-degree misdemeanor, the second offense becomes a first-degree misdemeanor. And if you're convicted with a third offense, it becomes a third-degree felony.

First-time convictions for prostitution can result in fines of up to $500 along with 60 days in jail. Second-time convictions can result in up to one year in jail and a $1000 fine.

The charges are even more severe if the act of forcing or coercing another person into prostitution occurred and can result in third-degree felony charges. And if the victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the crime, you could be convicted of a second-degree felony.

Entrapment can lead to a reduction in charges.

Witness StandWhen you hire a criminal defense team with experience in defending prostitution and charges for solicitation of a prostitute, you have the advantage of their knowledge in how to find holes in the prosecution's case while identifying key strategies to use in your defense.

Here at Fernandez Law Group, many of the cases we've seen involving prostitution also involved some form of entrapment. Often the result of police stings, entrapment occurs when an individual commits a crime after being baited or lured into doing so. For example, an officer may pose as a prostitute and arrest an individual for soliciting their services.

Part of the intent of the officers involved in any sting is to trick people into committing crime. But the use of entrapment is debatable and we find many individuals would not commit these crimes if the temptation or thought wasn't put into their heads in the first place.

As your attorneys, our goal is to provide you with experienced and aggressive representation in order to help get you the best possible outcome when faced with any charges. And if you're dealing with any type of violation for the solicitation of a prostitute or you've been charged with prostitution, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney with experience in these types of crimes right away.

Don't be intimidated, come in and talk to us. The consultation is free. We can help you.

Call or Text us today at 813-489-3222 for a FREE consultation and case evaluation.

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