Types of Crimes in Florida:

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There are many different types of crimes a person can be charged with in the State of Florida. The best way to get started would be to consult the 2014 Florida Statutes, which contain a detailed informational outline of various offenses, definitions, guidelines for sentencing and more.

The 2014 Florida Statutes, Title XLVI: Crimes

Chapter 775 - Definitions; General Penalties; Registration of Criminals
Chapter 776 - Justifiable Use of Force
Chapter 782 - Homicide
Chapter 784 - Assault; Battery, Culpable Negligence

Chapter 787 - Kidnapping; False Imprisonment; Luring or Enticing a Child; Custody Offenses
Chapter 790 - Weapons and Firearms

Chapter 791 - Sale of Fireworks
Chapter 794 - Sexual Battery
Chapter 796 - Prostitution

Chapter 797 - Abortion
Chapter 798 - Adultery; Cohabitation

Chapter 800 - Lewdness; Indecent Exposure
Chapter 806 - Arson and Criminal Mischief
Chapter 810 - Burglary and Trespass

Chapter 812 - Theft, Robbery and Related Crimes

Chapter 815 - Computer-related Crimes

Chapter 817 - Fraudulent Practices

Part I: False Pretenses and Frauds, Generally (ss. 817.02-817.569)
Part II: Credit Card Crimes (ss. 817.57-817.685)
Part III: Credit Service Organizations (ss. 817.801-817.806)
Part IV: Credit Counseling Services (ss. 817.801-817.806)

Chapter 818: Sale of Mortgaged Personal Property; Similar Offenses
Chapter 823: Public Nuisances
Chapter 825: Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Elderly Persons and Disabled Adults
Chapter 826: Bigamy; Incest
Chapter 827: Abuse of Children
Chapter 828: Animals: Cruelty; Sales; Animal Enterprise Protection
Chapter 831: Forgery and Counterfeiting
Chapter 832: Violations Involving Checks and Drafts
Chapter 836: Defamation; Libel; Threatening Letters and Similar Offenses
Chapter 837: Perjury
Chapter 838: Bribery; Misuse of Public Office
Chapter 839: Offenses by Public Officers and Employees
Chapter 843: Obstructing Justice
Chapter 847: Obscenity
Chapter 849: Gambling
Chapter 856: Drunkenness; Open House Parties; Loitering; Prowling; Desertion
Chapter 859: Poisons; Adulterated Drugs
Chapter 860: Offenses Concerning Aircraft, Motor Vehicles, Vessels, and Railroads

Chapter 861: Offenses Related to Public Roads, Transport and Waters
Chapter 865: Violations of Certain Commercial Restrictions
Chapter 870: Affrays; Riots; Routes Unlawful Assemblies
Chapter 871: Disturbing Religious and Other Assemblies
Chapter 872: Offenses Concerning Dead Bodies and Graves
Chapter 873: Sale of Anatomical Matter
Chapter 874: Criminal Gang Enforcement and Prevention
Chapter 876: Criminal Anarchy, Treason and Other Crimes Against Public Order
Chapter 877: Miscellaneous Crimes
Chapter 893: Drug Abuse Prevention and Control

Chapter 895: Offenses Concerning Racketeering and Illegal Debts
Chapter 896: Offenses Related to Financial Transactions

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