DUI and Traffic Violation Attorneys:

Photo of Alcoholic Beverage and Car KeysFernandez Law Group offers services to assist you in the full spectrum of your DUI defense, whether you're charged with State or Federal crimes.

We have a great deal of knowledge and experience, we are aggressive and know how prosecutors operate. We are well aware of all of the issues that may come up in any DUI matter and can help anyone at anytime. Additionally, our clients will have multiple attorneys working together to defend them on their charges.

Is DUI a traffic violation?

This is a common question asked by many and the answer is no. Although DUI typically involves a defendant operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, DUI is not a traffic violation - it is a crime that goes on a defendant's criminal record.

Being charged with a DUI is not the same as being convicted of DUI and you should obtain an experienced DUI attorney to represent you as soon as possible.

First convictions typically result in a misdemeanor, but any subsequent convictions could become a felony with additional penalties.

Tampa has nearly 2000 people arrested for DUI each year.

It's no surprise that too much drinking can lead to devastating circumstances.

According to information provided by the Tampa Police Department, there are on average, about 2,000 people arrested for DUI each year in the city of Tampa alone.

And thanks to a new grant provided by the Florida Department of Transportation, there will be plenty of extra patrols from Tampa Police Department beginning in 2013, running from Thursday through Sunday and scheduled to run all year long - not just on holidays - all in an effort to crack down on DUI's.

Why should I choose Fernandez Law Group to help me with my DUI charges?

DUI and Traffic Violation AttorneyOur Tampa DUI and Traffic Violation attorneys are known for providing an unbiased solution to many of your questions. We offer a free step by step consultation on how to proceed based on your individual circumstances.

Fernandez Law Group, P.A. offers time tested and proven results by consulting with top legal counsel from around the country. Fewer than 10% of Florida criminal attorneys are qualified to practice in federal courts and our attorneys are part of that group. We also put more than one attorney on your case, and one of those attorneys was a former prosecutor for over 20 years - this gives us another advantage before you even go into court.

You may have questions such as whether you will lose your license and for how long? How much can you expect to pay in court costs and fines? Does your state offer a special "hardship permit" allowing you to drive to and from work? Is hiring an attorney really necessary? Would you receive the same outcome with and without an attorney?

Receiving a DUI charge can be a traumatizing event. Often this can be the first time an otherwise normally law abiding citizen will have contact with law enforcement. You are going to have many questions. The answers are not as simple as you may think.

Each and every state has different laws and even certain counties have their own specific policies and procedures. We provide unbiased solutions allowing you to make an educated decision about how to proceed. We encompass information for every possible course of action that will fit you're your needs and your budget.

When most people are faced with a DUI, the first place they tend to look for answers is usually on the Internet. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the contradicting answers that are found online. Who can the people trust?

We have taken the time to disseminate all of that information in order to provide you with a consolidated report that will help you through this difficult and tough time.

Call or Text us today at 813-489-3222 for a FREE consultation and case evaluation.

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