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Image depicting a Brain and Spinal Cord Injury by a Tampa brain injury lawyerThe spinal cord is a fragile and delicate bundle of nerves that runs through the backbone of the human body, transmitting sensation and controlling movement throughout the body. If the spinal cord becomes damaged, loss of mobility and feeling below the injured area can often occur. Often fatal, any injury to the spinal cord region is a very serious type of injury.

As many as 450,000 Americans live with spinal cord injuries. Men between the ages of 16 and 30 account for over 80 percent of all new spinal cord injuries of the more than 8,000 new cases that are diagnosed each year.

Automobile accidents, large truck and commercial vehicle crashes and motorcycle accidents are the most common causes of spinal cord injuries. Knife and gunshot woulds, slips, trips, falls and sports related injuries also cause many spinal cord problems. Of the estimated 7,800 non fatal spinal cord injuries accounted for every year, nearly half of them are the result of the various types of motor vehicle accidents mentioned previously.

A person's breathing may be impaired and arms, legs or the torso can become paralyzed when spinal cord injuries occur at the neck level. This is also known as Quadriplegia.

Paraplegia is an injury that occurs in the lower portion of the spine, often causing weakness and loss of movement of feeling only in the legs or lower parts of the body.

Any spinal cord injury should be taken very seriously. In less severe cases, recovery is possible, but it depends on the extent of the damage. A spinal cord cannot be repaired if it becomes severed.

If you suffered a brain or spinal cord injury, our lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Symptoms of spinal cord damage can include weakness, paralysis, numbness, tingling, poor coordination, loss of bowel or bladder control and pain. Any traumatic injury that compresses, pulls, pushes sideways, or cuts a spinal cord can often result in a spinal cord injury. Blood clots, tumors, abscesses, polio, spina bifida or Friedrich's Ataxia (an inherited disorder) can also cause spinal cord injuries.

When symptoms and factors suggest a spinal cord injury occurred, a CT scan, MRI or myelogram are often used as diagnostic tools to determine if a spinal injury occurred also help to show the extent of the damage. Immediate medical treatment focusing on the stabilization of the spine often occurs as soon as the diagnosis is made while aggressive treatment using corticosteroid drugs can help limit some of the damage.

In order to stabilize the spine of fuze the spine with metal plates or pins, surgery is often necessary. Functional improvements may continue for at least six months after the initial injury heals, however, if any remaining disability is still present at that time, it is more likely to be permanent.

Long-term treatment will involve an intense rehabilitation therapy program with continuing treatment often in the form of nutritional management, psychological counseling, careful monitoring by physicians and occupational therapy in cases where a patient is mobile enough to return to work.

Anyone who has suffered a spinal cord injury or any other severe or disabling injury should immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney. We put multiple attorneys on your case in order to give it the extra attention it deserves. Our lawyers are also authorized to practice in federal courts, a distinction fewer than 10% of Tampa lawyers share. Let us put our experiences and resources to work for you today towards getting you proper compensation for your losses.

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